Monday, March 04, 2013

Things should be less like this.

It's so hard to do something simple. well, not something simple but something that should be simple.. perhaps not simple necessarily but.. well should not exist. Like.. I'm happy with training, learning, getting better at something but to have to call up someone to get a piece of paper who may or may not sort it out for you and who knows how long it'll take so you can even so much as start the process of getting something else which you need to get a bunch of other stuff for which you also need the initial thing for just to even go and do the thing you're (not yet what's the point, but will be) training for.. well. It sucks. I mean.. All I want to do is work for an honest day's pay.. and they won't let me! Well.. if I do all this stuff..

Oh and people should get back to you about stuff. Even just one person out of 5 that you email.. seriously, if you're one of 5 people or business or whatever someone has recently emailed about a job or an offer.. reply to them, ok, cos maybe none of the others did and it sucks when no one does.

It was a nice day today though..

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