Monday, March 25, 2013

*crosses one off item off list*

Got something done today. Braved the freezing -6 feels like - more conditions yes It's STILL FREEZING COLD I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KEEP MENTIONING IT BUT IT'S BLOODY COLD AND I'M GETTING SICK OF IT.. went out and got some stuff done. Some official papers getting bureaucracy stuff. Boring stuff but stuff that needs doing you know, the kind of stuff you put off all the time and by you I mean me, but I went and did it. Relatively smoothly it went, astonishingly enough.. now I just have to go pick it up. In 3 weeks, when it's ready.. Ok so, it's a wait, and then I have to use that to get something changed so I can get something else which probably needs other stuff too, but it's something. It's something off that long list which isn't even complete because it doesn't count for all of the things I need to get the things and that doesn't even start to acknowledge the fact I need to get a job and start a job and do a job before I can like.. get paid or anything, but, a start is a start. well it's not exactly a start it's, somewhere in the beginning stages but the first time I really look like I'm going somewhere, and that's better than a start, I think. Now if it would just warm up.

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