Saturday, March 09, 2013

a week, a couple of days..

it's funny how there are these.. I dunno.. epoch.. term.. stage.. yes I consulted a thesaurus of you know, time units that are separated by some thing.. a sort of change. Like going on a holiday. And everything before it belongs to the last section, and now you're on  new one and it's like different. A different world a different life  and after a while it gets normal and you'r used to it.. and things are.. well.. normal. And then something else happens, you move, start a new job, have someone come over that stays for a while.. er.. I'm sure people with lives can come up with more interesting examples, but these are some.. and it starts again.

I suppose things should be normal by now. The last big event concluded just over a week ago and we're pretty settled back to normal. Is it normal? Does it feel normal? Is there any difference between when it's normal and when it's not normal, and if so, is it due to the normalcy or lack thereof? I don't know. I suppose that's normal.

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