Friday, March 29, 2013

Just stop for a second.

And think about what happened on this day in, well not this day particularly, the same day of the week (Friday which it is) after whatever it is, the phase of the moon or whatever after the vernal equinox or whatever the thing it's based on is.. of year.. 1..0.. whenever.

Anyway think about what happened. Jesus was (after having to schlep it himself, no less) was thrust up onto a cross to.. well suffer and stuff. It was horrible, and he did it for you! Yes, you! He chose to suffer like this to save your from you own dastardly, nasty, icky sins. Well, that is if you've received him into your heart etc etc.. and me.. well not me because actually I haven't done that really, but you know what I mean.. anyway, think about it for a second.

Ok that's about a second. When is it that we get the chocolate. oh and it's a long weekend.. cool, I hope it gets warm enough to sit outside for a bit with the heavy jacket and have a beer. You really should be able to do at least that by Easter.

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