Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ok one more chance.

It's still cold. It may not be as much as it was, and the recent snow might have melted, and the forecasted snow will likely melt pretty quickly too, and it was somewhat sunny today but.. it's still cold. It was 5 and felt like 3.. then 6 and felt like 3.. now it's 4. Feels like 1. Don't get me started on the whole "feels like" phenomena.. I mean, if it is a certain temperature then THAT IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE! And how come it always feels like less than the temperature is huh? And always a few degrees huh? And why is it when it's ALREADY WAY TOO FUCKING COLD LIKE -5 DURING THE DAY THE GAP IS THE MOST LIKE 7 DEGREES COLDER IT'S NOT LIKE WE CAN AFFORD IT TO FEEL LIKE 7 DEGREES BELOW -12 YOU KNOW!!!! Which is what it was like a week ago, or thereabouts.

So it's better than a week ago.. and than a few days ago but still. it keeps on being wintry. It's late fucking March for fucks sake! We've had accusations lobbed at cute rodents, people defending said rodent taking the blame for themselves, including one which you read on this very site, explanations here and there for why this was occurring how it was.. we've had the official first day of spring, we had Future Shorts Winter Screening, finally.. and that's all wrapped up, the movies voted on, a winner declared, the venue turned back to a theatre and all the cigarette butts and empty glasses cleaned away..

And today is the last day of.. er, normal time? Tomorrow is the beginning of daylight savings. Yes, this time tomorrow it will be an hour earlier.. er, later? No earlier than it is. The days will be longer (well not really, I mean it will be a couple of minutes but there'll be an hour off the daylight in the morning which won't make that much difference to people who don't get up before 6am, though Cooley mightn't be woken up by the sunlight so it's probably another boon for us) and we'll get that sunlight still around after 7. It'll be nice, I suppose, even if there's not much to look at, seeing as NOTHING HAS BLOOMED YET, and if the sun doesn't shine then, well. but it is nice don't get me wrong.. I like the old daylight savings time.

So back to the point. This is your last chance weather gods. If spring doesn't come, and I mean come properly.. be WARM, actually warm (ish) and flowers come out and stuff, once the time change happens.. I just don't know how we can continue this relationship.

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