Sunday, March 24, 2013

O and by the way..

it's cold. Really really cold. Super fucking cold. Stupidly, annoyingly, fuckeduply seriously cold. In late March. Spring, it should be, spring! I mean I had (not really in fact not at all by any stretch of the imagination) vowed to stop blathering on about the weather but.. it's just life. It's what people do, people here, where it's freezing, people in and from places that are visiting here.. there it's also cold, and raining, and grey, people on the internet, it's snowing there, and it isn't stopping.. so, it seems to be everywhere.. "literally" everywhere, well in the part of the northern hemisphere that get weather anyway. So, yeah, it was crappy as it was, winter lingering on and on and on, and we get to a weekend and what does it do? It drops temperature... to the minuses, and not just the minus ones and twos.. it's more sixes.. and if that's not enough.. we have the whole "feels like". What the fuck is the fucking feels like all about? If it feels like a temperature it is that temperature! Or is it is a temperature then that is what it feels like.. *scratches head* either way, it's either both or either. I think. And yes, it feels like less than it is, always, usually a degree or 3 but yesterday, and today it "felt like" about 7 degrees less than it was.. when you're already at -8.. you really can't afford that. And to really add insult to injury it's been sunny. Yes, I know that's usually good but it's (or it would be if it wasn't always like this) horribly deceptive.. or, it finally looks like something you want to go out in, but it like.. isn't. Did go out yesterday. For a thing, to meet and talk to people and eat lots of food. That was really good, the getting there was a bit annoying because there was a change of transport, a wait in between because our tram was late and we just missed our bus.. and of course this person lives on a weird street that round the bend in an area that is stingy with it's street signs.. and yes it was only an extra 5 minutes we were walking about, but at that temperature, and particularly at the temperature it felt like.. it's enough. Home was even more fun. It was about 11pm so.. of course.. well anyway. That's all. It's cold, and I want it to warm up. I cannot stress this enough, and if it doesn't you'll be hearing from me about it again.

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