Monday, March 11, 2013

I don't do this.

shilly-shally    \ SHIL-ee-shal-ee \  , verb; show indecision or hesitation; be irresolute; waste time; dawdle.noun:1.irresolution; indecision; vacillation: It was sheer shilly-shally on his part.adjective:1.irresolute; undecided; vacillating.
Like I said. I don't indulge in this. Especially the noun form. Ok so I do. I mostly chose it because I like the sound of the word/phrase. And because I almost posted about yesterday's word, haberdashery, which I also have a fondness for. Not necessarily the thing, er.. cloths and stuff, but the word is, well, suitably clunky and interesting sounding. And my dad used to like it a lot, I remember.

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moshmangus said...

Hi Michelle, I am glad that the word of the week (or months) is back. Especially for such a lovely sounding one. Thanks for that and the opportunity to learn new words. Keep on going then!