Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just something.

You know when you're all worried about something cause you know it's going to suck even though you don't really know what it is but you're almost certain it's a thing which at the very best will suck quite a lot and quite potentially could suck even more.. and you keep putting it off and don't think about it sometimes but it's always there, lingering in the back, affecting how you feel about stuff and making other smaller nuisances bigger cos you know there's more out there and.. in general, that sort of thing?

Well I had that. Then I went and did it, that is picked it up and it was something else entirely. So there you go. I mean, the thing I was worried about actually didn't go away and hasn't changed, and to be honest it really is bothering me in that way that it's always there in the background and every now and then when you're lying awake at night you can't stop thinking about it and it really bugs you and it's not that big a deal really, it's quite small not just in the overall scheme of things but something that most people wouldn't think of as any more than a minor nuisance but.. it's getting to me.. but, well..the thing I got was another thing, so there. And I didn't have to wear a hat and gloves while going there. So there again. And that's all.

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