Friday, March 01, 2013

wot i did on my holaday

It was quite a fun filled eventful trip after all. With all the us going to a chilled out seaside city.. if you'd call it that at all.. wanting to have a relaxing holiday for once, and actually quite succeeding.. me being me who.. well there is a pretty decent list of things I did, some I haven't before which includes:

  • swim in a coral reef
  • walk in the desert
  • drink beer
  • see dolphins
  • go to a basketball game
  • have carrots with beer
  • dip my feet in the Dead Sea
  • walk around a city with luggage going into random places
  • drink beer on the beach
  • stand on the edge of a rocky desert
  • lie on the beach
  • be accosted by religious people of confusing denomination and get free coffee and listen to music
  • go to pubs, and have beer
  • see a lot of birds
  • meet a lot of fish
and other things.. probably. Of course there is lots more to do in and around Eilat.. so it's an excuse to go there again. Plus we know people there.

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