Thursday, March 07, 2013

A default state of ruttitude.

What would you call that? I'd look it up but I'm pretty sure ruttitude isn't considered a word by those that decide these things.. who are they anyway? Who decides these things?

Yes.. off on a tangent in the first sentence? How does that happen? Well it happens if there's really not much to write about.. not much going on in life, not much in the head..not much.. where was I?

Oh yeah.. I'm in this rut.. I'm like.. waiting and hoping and preparing for the step that takes me to the next step but.. is it really a rut if it's always like this? I mean, when am I not just hanging around looking to the time that something will happen?

If you.. (and yes I mean you singular) actually still reads this blog,  you'll have an answer for that, and it's never. That's if you haven't forgotten the content (what content?) of any post because it's so mindnumbingly boring and then it will be "don't know, but come to think of it, most of the stuff seems to be blathering on about nothing in particular except for whining about whatever it is that's not much in particular so I'd say.. er.. what was the question again.. bugger this" *clicks off page, never to return*

yeah.. at the moment I need a paper that allows me to begin the process of getting another paper which will allow me to apply properly to the type of job which is pretty much all I can do at this point.. and that's not even thinking about the stuff I really want to do and like to do.. I'm just not doing that, at all, and there doesn't appear to be anything on the horizon.

So yeah, the usual.

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