Wednesday, February 06, 2013

*slams down phone*

I really really really want to slam the universal giant phone down on all the public in the entire world, forever. Seriously. That would make me happy. That and a beer, but mostly the slamming. And a beer. A beer would  be welcome right now but without the slamming o the phone, it'd be just a beer.

Oh I work with phones did I mention, this job I just started. Yeah. Well, I think it's a phone, it calls people up, you talk to people on it but it's like, got this boxy bit that's attached to a table and a separate handle thing you pick up, you know like those things people use in Mad Men. I think I remember something like that from my childhood and no I'm not quite that old but.. old enough for vague memories.. ok not so vague but you know, been a while since I've been anywhere near one of those things.

So after a few days of inadequate training, I got on the phone, just for a while in the last hour. Most of it was taken up with technical difficulties, so I really wasn't on for more than 20 minutes.. but, it was enough to know that.. well that it was shitty, at least the first few times. Was not ready, did not feel comfortable, did not like!

So tomorrow I gotta do it all day, and then the day after that, and the day after that is Saturday so I'll probably be doing the beer thing and then on Monday again.. and I know it'll get less awkward and less awful but still.. jeez!

*metaphorically slams phone on all the weird old boxy landline things left in the world*

na.. didn't work. Gonna need that beer.

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