Friday, February 22, 2013

And I'm there

So.. all the vexing stuff is done with, the waiting, the traveling, the carrying, the waiting, the being interrogated, the waiting, the schlepping, the turbulence, the getting off on the wrong tram stop and having to go back, the numerous versions of what seems like the exact same customs need, the waiting, the traveling at midnight so you get exactly no sleep for one day, the being in a car 6 hours, the changing from one mode of transport, then another, with a schlep and a wait in between ok you get the picture? It wasn't so bad. By the time we got to Jerusalem, well the house we got to rest in for a bit, it was ok. A lot up to that point, but.. as one is done, then you're slightly closer to your goal. Anyway did that and then a long car ride and now we're here. Stayed up even though little sleep was gotten on the plane, barely two hours at best at our rest stop and none in the car, and socialized and ate.. now it's just rest time, and ready for a fresh start tomorrow. We're by the sea, and it's warm here. This is good enough already.

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