Tuesday, February 19, 2013

That 19 minutes taught me nothing.

My recently, short lived experience as a peddler doesn't seem to have taught me a whole lot, or influenced me much in anyway.. or perhaps it did, I dunno. Oh yeah I mean sales person, in general. I had someone at the flat earlier talking to me about utilities and money back and all this sort of jazz... I let him talk too long, and read forms, and gave him my number and have been ignoring the phone all evening and just telling them.. no.. I'll call when I've figured it out, cos, I don't understand this stuff. It's possible that, hearing the whole push, I recognized some aspects of it, and thought.. well, he's doing a job, he might actually have a decent deal, I should listen. A bit of advice naive folk out there who've never been on the other side of the sales game like some of us hardened folk.. don't. Just say not interested and.. well, if they have something good you can always look it up on the internet and do it in your own time, if it is that good, and it's something you actually want.. I mean, that person won't get their commission for it but that's their own fault for choosing such a career, that's annoying and invasive and well, often predatory, and not quitting after 3 days and/or as soon as training is finished imho. And I didn't understand what he was telling me, yeah, it was all in Czech, which I understand but not exactly flawlessly.. or anywhere near that, but, it's probably more to do with my serious lack of grownupness... really, people in their 20s.. their 20s!!! have mortgages and know how to pay bills and stuff.. and it's just a thing, it's just a thing people do when they live and work and stuff but, I can't seem to get the hang of it. Still a few more months of my 30s to figure it out I suppose. There is probably someone somewhere in the world that I'm doing better than in that way but, they probably live in a basement. Or under a rock. I'd like to meet them actually, only for a few minutes, and possibly friend them on Facebook. So that's my adventure of the day.. I didn't get around to getting a trade licence which is a thing I need now, or even start the ball rolling in a significant way because the office was closed. The office wasn't closed yesterday, but I didn't go there, last week I already knew I needed this but.. well.. you see how it is? It's been snowing all day, not terribly cold but, obvs not warm, so it's nice to know that in 3 days I'll be relaxing very close to the Red Sea in a place that's currently 19° at the moment.. which is evening. I may have mentioned it, quite looking forward to it. Will send pics.

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