Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fish watching is a thing.

I guess it is. I don't know if anyone calls it that, but people do it. I've been doing a bit of that. I'm here by the sea, with a coral reef, swarming with many colored fish, staying with people who have diving equipment... well at least the kind that someone of my extremely limited ability could possibly use, so how could I not? Most if it has been me getting in the water a bit, sometimes with goggles, and then spending a lot of time on the beach. We've gone to the beach 3 days... 3 different beaches here in Eilat.. and saw plenty of amazing fish right away.. certainly compared to anything I'm used to.. although I never stayed in the water very long, or got very far, and sometimes didn't even bother with the goggles. Today I went in "properly". Just swam out a little bit from the beach, with the help of a pair of too big flippers and found myself in the middle of a beautiful coral reef swimming with a school of many colored fishes. Well.. a lot of various colored fish, big and small, some in groups, some just hanging out with the general fish community. It was pretty awesome really. We got a waterproof camera, which can be used underwater and took a few pics of the fish.. though no idea if you can tell any of them are fish, I did use a lot of the film on self portraits of me underwater.. though I don't know if that worked either. So I've been in Eilat about 5 days now and it's almost time to take off. Done of lot of being at the beach. Some walking in hills... seeing a lot of desert and rocks, birds, dolphins and fish of course. One more event tonight which I call "hanging out in the pub" and tomorrow we're on the bus.. still have a little bit of time in Tel Aviv after the long bus ride.. but we're mostly finished here. I think I'm a bit sunburnt.

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