Monday, February 11, 2013

I Will Do Stuff, I Will Do Stuff.

I'm gonna do stuff. It's official. This time I'm really going to do it, not just get and keep a job, and do it properly, not just get stuff organized and stuff.. and schmooze and get all up in the face of the local theatre people and all that, and casting agencies, but also that other stuff.. you know my own stuff that I've been talking about doing actually I have been doing.. just not finishing, really. I mean.. yeah, I said this for the 4th time a year ago but, this time, I will. Watch this space! I mean, don't hold your breath, there's a lot of editing and in fact, filming in the first place to do, but.. I intend totally to get it done this time, I hope. I mean.. stuff, the stuff that's happened, it's a sign I think. Not that anything has really happened but, I'll take it as meaning it's time for me to finally do this, and that it will happen, and that it will be good. No reason to think that except for that I want to but I really really want to, so it'll do.

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