Thursday, February 07, 2013

And that wraps it up for that.

Another chapter of my life has closed. It was an exciting, arduous, eye opening er.. couple of days but.. well perhaps it wasn't really that, it was just.. ok in a nutshell I"m a quitting quitter who quits, quittingly. yeah I quit. After a measly 3 days, well 4 and a bit, 2 of doing the actual work, well, after less than an hour altogether doing what the actual work is.

Many reasons, beginning with but not limited to.. don't fucking like it. Was not a good starter at this and as it was something I never really intended to do for long, didn't feel it was necessary to invest the time to be a not anymore starter who';s actually kind of ok at this.. and go through all the anguish just to quiet when something better came along.. waste everyone's time etc etc. There are other things I want to do, things that seem to be on the horizon and might be happening soon though I really shouldn't count my chickens well I sort of already have in a way but it is true that this was, well would have if it had gone on for longer, gotten in the way of things I want/need to do, and I know that's grammatically a mess but it did, would have, well it did, there were a few little things I didn't go for because I thought I'd be working on the day.. actually yeah.. 3 days and there are like, 3 things.. 3 things! Small things but 3 things I turned down, not that I'd have gotten them probably and it's not such a big deal but that's a lot of things for that short amount of time. So there's that, and I am starting other things, hopefully very soon though I know I shouldn't count on it because it's gone so swimmingly well for me in the past, yes that was sarcastic.

But mainly, and it really doesn't matter that the last paragraph makes no sense at all because the main reason was.. I didn't like it. Not doing it. Didn't do it really, only very little.

So that's it. On to the next chapter.

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