Saturday, February 02, 2013

*hears ringing in ear*

I might at some point get a phone call from someone who expects to come here, who may or may not know enough English to form a conversation. I'm doing this couchsurfing thing, you know, the couchsurfing thing! Surely you're cool and you know what I'm talking about, if you're not cool, then google.

I should trademark that.. it's a catchphrase!

Anyway.. I agreed to let someone stay here, more than a month ago, and she's supposed to come today, but, haven't heard from here in a few week,s and don't know any more details than the day she arrives so.. I sent a message a few days ago saying PLEASE GIVE DETAILS FFS! Well, not the last bit, but.. haven't gotten the deets so.. no idea if it's still on and if I'll get a phone call at some point.

So please note. If you're going to be staying with people somewhere, at some point, whether you know these people, whether you know people who know the people, or if someone mentioned someone needs a place to stay, or, if it's someone you've got no connection with except for a website like couchsurfing, then keep in contact with them up to the point you are staying, give details of when and where you are arriving and make more detailed plans, do not just show up in their city on the day and call them, you might not mind waiting around all day until they're available to come and meet you or to let you in, but still, some people don't like not knowing when shit is happening.. kay? And if you change y our mind or something happens, then, (within reason, of course) then let them know, as soon as you can.

And if you decide to host people, whether they're people you know.. etc etc, or people you meet through a website such as couchsurfing.. don't give the people your address and phone number until it's almost the time they arrive, and give them those details when they contact you to give you the time they're arriving, etc and you make particular arrangements for it. Unless you don't mind being called up on the day whenever they decide to, in which case.. doesn't matter.

Anyway, happy Groundhog Day, hope the squirrel sees the pumpkin or whatever where you live and it means the crops will be successful.. or whatever.

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