Thursday, February 21, 2013

Off on a midnight train..

Yep, I totally am. I am "literally" going on a midnight train tonight, to sunny Eilat. I mean, it's actually due to take off at 5 minutes to midnight and it's not a train it's a plane and it's not going to Eilat it's going to Tel Aviv from where we, at 3am or so will make our way to Jerusalem to refresh ourselves and rest and wait for the ride to Eilat. Which is sunny, and by the sea. Oh it's cold here, did I mention, and snowing, hasn't stopped actually, it's kind of weird in a way, and it's getting colder and should be like.. super cold tomorrow. *smirks* It's like.. mid to high 20s in Eilat. And it's by the sea. *tries not to look smug and fails* So.. for now we've got all the "traveling" part of the traveling to do.. and well.. it's a whole lot of schleppng and waiting and passport control and being in airports and cities in the middle of the night so I'm looking forward to that part being done and being in Eilat, which is warm, oh and it's by the sea, did I mention? Yeah, I'd kind of like it to be that bit. By this time tomorrow, it will be that bit, so I hope for it to be then. Catch ya later.

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