Wednesday, February 20, 2013

18 hours to the sun

It's rather dull and overcast out there, got that white sky that you get when it's snowing/been snowing and there's a light cover of snow on grass and roofs, you know the kind of half melted away kind, not the fluffy thick one that stays in the trees and makes everything beautiful, but just makes everything look cold. And slippery. The temperature is -2, but it feels like -7, apparently. Why am I telling you this? Well, this plans to go on for some time, at least for another few weeks, this cold and general slippery conditions but some time tomorrow, well the day after tomorrow technically just after midnight, I'll be in the sun. Well it won't be sunny because it'll be 3 in the morning but it'll be warm, nevertheless. And then when the sun comes up it will be sunny. It's cos of that trip, the one I've been talking about.. flight leaves in just 18 hours, well a bit under that now. So 2 days from now I'll be somewhere warm, not quite lying on the beach yet because we'll still have to make our way to Eilat, but, we won't be sitting by a window with light rain/snow falling outside.

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