Thursday, February 14, 2013

flutters about the head..

It's the day o little pink hearts fluttering about everywhere, cartoony music playing as a fat little fellow wanders along oblivious to all except for that one person that makes them all dreamy eyed and stuff.. their valentine. Yeah yeah, it's that day. It's been pretty uneventful but will be doing the "going out for dinner" thing, which will be nice, cos it's been a while since I did that.. and there should be some drinks involved, I'm into that. There are things fluttering about my head.. kind of, annoying things and the things that I use to push those annoying things out.. the usual boring red tape and money related crap.. my brief moment of excitement and joy upon quitting the other job that I feel now sometimes I should not have been so hasty to, is over. I kinda have another job if I want it and have well.. other stuff I need for it, but, there's other stuff I need for it.. I got the experience the talent, the desire to do it but.. one other thing, which involves more money, hassle.. er.. the possibility that it won't work at all so.. grrr but otherwise.. other than that and the other thing that's bothering me, things are cool.. had some nice snowfall.. going to a lovely Valentines dinner, taking off to sunny Israel in less than a week.. or just about a week. So yeah.. the things fluttering about don't have to be negative ones, they're just there.

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