Saturday, February 09, 2013

I'm Back.

I mean, I never went anywhere, and the small deter from my regular life was pretty short, and not really much of a detour from anything, and really this life I'm talking about isn't much to detour from, but I am, nevertheless, in the colloquial sense, back. At least back to being able to hope and plan for all those things I want to do, and keep looking for employment as I have for months now but something that won't completely get in the way of those things that I want to do that I never really get around to. That's what I mean by back. I'm there. It's not looking so bad now, there is something on the horizon that looks quite hopeful, and something else on the same horizon that is a possibility which would be pretty good, and there's all those other things that could happen, the little things that come by every now and again, the possibility to get out there more than I ever have and do more of it, without something like, oh, having every evening of every week booked for making phone calls to strangers, for instance. I mean.. no hatching eggs yet, well I am mentally totally watching those chickens grow and getting them mortgages, it's hard not to, but I'll try to keep it in my head for now, and work on actually hatching one of them a bit.. and see where it goes from there. I am glad to be where I am now. Where I was may have lasted by a short while, but the slightly longer while previous to that was a lead up to it, and in that time I felt I couldn't really.. to put it short and equally vaguely as the way I usually explain things.. get on with my life. Now I will, and I am.

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