Friday, April 27, 2012

So far, so good.

It would be incorrect to say that night #2 went perfectly, but does anything ever go perfectly. I would say it went well.. rather well.. very well. No problem with second night blahs or whatever seems to happen. Of course, 3 nights left and tonight is the big middle o the run.. so who knows. At this point we're veterans though, and I reckon it'll all be more and more awesome from here.. at least, I'm supposed to say that.

It's weird, being in the middle of a run of a play. I guess cos it's quite unfamiliar to me, doesn't happen too often.. many of my co actors do this all the time so it's just like.. going to the theatre and putting on a show, I suppose...

well.. off in just a little bit again, to get myself costumed and mad eup and then out there on the arena..

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