Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I do this fairly often, actually.


No not that, although to be honest I do that often too.. I am human. No, this word means something different, and I'm mentioning it here, becuase it is, the Word o' the day.

Oh yeah the meaning.

fard \fahrd\  , verb:
1. To apply cosmetics.
1. Facial cosmetics.
She's farded inch-thick with affectation. She's perfumed to suffocation with the musk of pretence. The colour on her cheek is part paint, part mock-modesty.
-- Mary Cowden Clarke, The Girlhood of Shakespeare's HeroinesHolding a candle dramatically high, wrapped in a very shabby old housegown, with some kind of fard on her cheeks and her grey hair screwed up in short plaits above her ears, she had a rather ridiculous air...
-- Phyllis Bentley, Love and MoneyFard comes from the Old Low Franconian word farwiÄ‘on meaning "to dye or color." In the Old French it became farder meaning "to apply makeup."

I am a lady person.. so I do apply cosmetics every so often. well.. reasonably often. And as I'm in a play very soon, opening night tomorrow (gulp) I might just have it lathered on.. then again, maybe not much, I am playing a rather austere type functional character.. and there are characters with skin diseases so they'll need a lot of the makeup artist's time...

but yeah.

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moshmangus said...

I fine the first part very funny. Good luck again for the plays.