Monday, April 02, 2012

Kay, so that wasn't really it.

My so called feature film. That was just.. well.. um.. fooled ya! Yeah, nothing much, just a video to put there for putting a video there's sake. I was kinda drunk when I filmed it and edited it to be honest, and haven't even looked at it since.. and don't think I will either. Not sure I want to see it in my current sober state.

So it was a bit of a joke, yeah check the date and of course my major project will be much more.. major, and is still coming. I mean, whenever I get started on that not that I'm not doing anything but you see these things go kinda slowly.. for me.


moshmangus said...

OK so I still have to wait, what about the word of this week? Shall there be one?

Michelle said...

Probably not. A few more setbacks I'm afraid. Hopefully I'll be able to make a little something that will be up in a few weeks.. or so. The feature.. might be a bit longer.