Sunday, April 08, 2012

Ah.. them holidays.

It's Easter Sunday and I'm about to maybe bother to paint some eggs. I'll have to do it like, with a paintbrush and everything so who knows if I'll actually do it. Maybe I'll just draw faces on them.

Just got back from rehearsal for a show that on in like.. *gulps* 2 weeks. Are we ready? Well.. it's not for 2 weeks is it? So no, not ready. On the way there it snowed. Lightly, for a short time but it snowed.. and on spring holiday thing of the year #.. 2 or something. Can you believe it? Of course the trams and metros are all fucked up as they are sometime and particularly when you need to get places that need 2 or more modes of transport to get to.. and it's unseasonably cold and even though you know it you still can't bring yourself to dress like it's really winter, and you're wearing your comfy move around clothes.. and anyway I took a bus the long way and it took fucking FOREVER... but I was on time, I mean I was only as late as everyone else was.

And, it seems as if I'm moving on. Changing work, changing, well work not much else. Everything else is much as it has been.

Happy Easter!


moshmangus said...

Happy Easter to you as well! It is also cold here in Switzerland for the season!

Michelle said...

Ah yes... happy spring holiday! Hope you're having a fun and happy one.