Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting Closer.

So this play I'm in is on in 3 days now, and though we have a rehearsal every day before then... well.. it'll be ok I suppose. Yesterday's rehearsal was kind of a mess and I just realized that I like.. am nowhere near ready. Of course, I can get ready in next to no time, or in exactly the amount of time I have no more no less but still.. why it didn't occur to me to do particular things earlier on.. Id on't know. In any case.. very very busy the next few days because whenever I'm not at rehearsal.. I'm doing a whole lot of my own preparation cos I like.. really need it.

Anyway.. off in a bit, got to rehearse.


moshmangus said...

I know what I am about to write is conventional, here it comes:
I wish you a good rehearsal time and I hope that this acting experience is going to be the door to much more demanding acting and satisfaction.

Michelle said...

Thanks very much. Rehearsals have been pretty good actually.. after one rather long and frustrating day. Now for the actual play.. well.. one more rehearsal left.