Thursday, April 26, 2012

One down..

4 to go. And then it's the film of the show.

So.. opening night of Marat Sade, by Akanda Praha.. went fine. Really well actually. Possibly not flawlessly.. but everyone was.. well.. kind of awesome. I can't say so for myself but I didn't mess things up for the whole cast so I did alright. I'm sure it looked amazing, and sounded good from the audience.. it looked pretty good from my position at the back.

It was very weird being up there on stage.. well, there there, in the space in the big hall, the old, disused laundry that we used for a stage.. we'd rehearsed there so often in the same space that the lead up felt like another rehearsal.. I had to keep reminding myself that an actual show was going to take place.. and when we were on.. well.. I was just there.. doing what I do. It didn't feel really nervous or anything.. of course, I have a teeny tiny role.. not even any lines.. so that could have something to do with it.

I did get a workout though.. it was my job to keep all the patients in line, one in aprticular and I sweated a bit at times.

The main thing is, the audience seemed to really like it.

So.. on to the next show.


moshmangus said...

Congratulations for your first one, I am happy that everything went down well & all the best for the next ones!

Ronald said...

Sorry I'm late, I've been distracted. So... what have you been up to? Can you fill me in on the past few weeks... erm... months? Just kidding.

You have been a busy bee haven't you, doing live theatre now as well? Congratulations!

Michelle said...

well.. thanks.. yes, I'm doing live theatre.. not sure what you mean by "as well" not much else at the moment.. no tours right now.. will start again soon though, and my own projects are still at the stage they were last time you were around.. er.. still doing a lot of thinking about it and talking about it every now and again..

but yeah the show is great.

Ronald said...

Thinking and talking about 'stuff' is the best part :-)