Monday, April 09, 2012

Jesus Has Risen.

*giggles* That sound a bit rude really. Anyway he didn't do it just now, it was yesterday (I think) I mean thousands of years ago I mean it didn't happen it's a really old story that's ridiculous but nevertheless many people believe it. Whatev.

In not at all related news I saw a man with a really big.. er, ostrich today. He was riding an ostrich in Wenceslas Square, well wearing an ostrich and it looked a bit.. er rude.. you know like Jesus, when he's risen.

Ok, enough of that silliness, now for a (not actually entirely) different kind of silliness. I got whacked today. That's what we do on Easter Monday. I've tried to start a new tradition here which I find more appropriate for myself and a modern culture but it hasn't quite caught on.. yet. In any case, it's not over yet.

The Eggelsons say...

Oh and we had eggs.. well not yet really. This little family are still with us, for now.


moshmangus said...

I have heard of the Easter tradition in central Europe, I think it is terrible for girls but your version is even worst (for men this time).

Michelle said...

Yeah well.. I don't think anyone has ever done that one, so don't worry about the dudes too much.

We've decided to just take turns with the whole whipping thing in our household, or at least fight for the switch... bit more egalitarian :)

moshmangus said...

OK, so I can come to Prague on Easter and be safe then!