Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick! Give me a keyboard!

Or a pen, or a pencil.. a crayon and a napkin. Ideas are running though my head.. lots of them, amazing ones, splendid ones.. ones that aren't half bad but not good either, ideas that are.. well they're ideas, I never said they're good or anything.. ok they're average at best, and I'm not in any position to implement a single one of them but they're ideas!!! Dammit!

One of them is really cool. it's.. er...

fuck! told you to get me a pen.. quicker.

Oh yeah.. *goes and scribbles stuff*


moshmangus said...

Yeah, so work and more work to be done shortly with these ideas, isn't it?
I look forward to it!
Keep on going!

Michelle said...

Oh stuff is coming. Been a bit difficult to get on with stuff lately due to circumstances, but I still intend on doing lots.. lots, I tell you!