Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ah, it's times like these I'm particularly happy to be working at night, walking around outside.

It's currently -8°C outside, according to one site which might be slightly out of time, recording the temperature from an hour ago when the sun was still up, and I need to be out, giving a tour, some of it, ok, in the cozy and warm dungeon.. but some on the particularly cold and windy parts just above the water, in just over an hour, when it will no doubt drop further down from the (probably lower than -8) temperature it is now.

Was out last night, and yeah.. too cold for this. It's quite perplexing why people still show up for a tour in this kind of cold but they do.. oh they do.. and then, most of it is spent just wanting to get the hell inside.. although, somehow still fun and enjoyable.

Tonight's should be cool.. a slightly different thing than what I usually do and I'm kind of looking forward to it, would be completely if it was at least 5.. ok at least 10-12 degrees warmer.. then it would just be fun.. but I know I'm going to be feeling the nippiness tonight.

But you know.. that's life, gotta deal with stuff.. sometimes, even if you're me.

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