Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thwarted Again.

I so wished to be a rebel on this day, like all the cool, hip folk.. (or whatever the kids are calling those qualities these days) this international day o love.. and boycott it, "celebrate" it in a anti it kind of way, or even an ironic, interesting, alternative way.. ideally ignore it completely but then I'd not get the affirmation of being so cool that I'm not into it by people who care either way, or better still the people who don't..

but I can't. I'm being positively harangued into going to this "dinner" thing, with this "partner" person, and it's going to be like "romantic" and stuff... lame..

in my defense it's.. er.. a not super expensive restaurant, and a vegetarian one, and I won't be buying or receiving (well maybe but I don't know at this point) any generic type pink or heart and flower themed Valentines day stuff.. (puts foot down, though having no money in the bank makes this kind of pointless) and.. er.. there'll probably be some monumental cockup.. which always happens whenever we try to be elegant and grown up and stuff. Obviously a sign that we're way too unconventional for that kind of stuff.. (ie super cool and hip or whatever the parlance is in these times)..

I'm looking forward to going for a drink afterwards.. oh wtf I'm looking forward to it altogether.

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