Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Change is in the air..

I mean, in general. Things change. Not in particular now, I mean, not that I know of at the moment. I just started rehearsing for this play, and have form an officially official kinda sorta production company (giggles a little at the thought of calling it that, but why not) and I plan to change other things at some point but if anyone has read more than one of my posts you know that that means extremely little..

um, where was I again. Oh yeah, change. You know when you have people staying at your place, and you mention it saying jeez it's been a while already, wonder how long this will be, and this person, every time you say.. it's not that bad really.. he's not being as annoying as he can be, he comes back, or gets here completely fucking drunk and is every bit as annoying as.. etc etc... and that was already a week ago? Well that hasn't changed.

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