Friday, April 22, 2011

Pollen and bunnies and.. flat bread and stuff...

It's a week o holidays it is! Well... much of the world is celebrating the suffering and dying of their saviour on the cross today.. I know.. bo-ring! But.. it does bring later on.. (during that whole.. commemoration of him rising all that nicer but still boring stuff) chocolate and bunnies and for those of us in this part of the world.. whipping and throwing water on people.. so it's ok..

It's also Passover.. which is a Jewish holiday, basically.. we were enslaved in Europe then we were freed and we left and went to what is now the holy land.. awesome, let's eat! There's also a reading and something vaguely theatrical.. (correct me if I'm bumbling pathetically here).

Oh and Saturday (tomorrow) is children's day in Turkey. According to my source, Turkey is the first country ever to celebrate children's day! I actually don't know of any other country who does.. so they might still be the only one, I should google it but whatev.. they're definitely the first.

So happy those things, any other holidays there might be, various birthdays and name days happening today, lovely spring weather, beautiful autumn or the fact that you live in one of those places that's just warm all year. And anything I left out.

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