Tuesday, April 19, 2011

oh for goodness sake!

got all this official important stuff to do.. renewal of important docs.. a passport in fact. It's annoying at the best of times and well. this isn't the best of times. I'd grumble excessively and exaggerate wildly and say that it's a complete catastrophe but it's probably a situation that's averagely difficult given the territory.. I mean, it's happening to me and it's happening now so it seems like everything is going wrong and holding things up and being so much more difficult than it has to be.. but.. ok yeah. Well ok.. it's not going completely smoothly.. I mean, the fucking photos.. they have so many fucking specifications and the first bunch I did were wrong.. I got more, was more careful about it and these ones.. don't know if they're right.. of course these offices are open only 2 hours on a Tuesday so.. alright they're open most day a week but of course I need to wait til tomorrow to go back again.

So of course I had to go and drink excessively.. I mean it wasn't my fault.. I had to meet iwht someone and I had to have some drinks with him, and then another friend cane and we had to have more drinks.. and then we went somewhere else and I felt like continuing so I had to have more drinks.. and then I had work so I.. stopped.. of course... well before I was anything nearing drunk.. obvs..


I didn't do that.

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