Saturday, April 30, 2011

End of an era..

Well.. it's the last day in the ole place.. *sheds tear*.

I've had such wonderful times here.. and soon, it will be time to say the final goodbye, as we close the door on this chapter of our life..

well.. I mean, it's the last major day of moving sorta, technical moving day is tomorrow, and we hand the keys back on Wednesday, and as we've, strangely enough after all, got tons of stuff to move, though not much furniture, all on trams and walking, we might be coming back and forth for a few days still.

And the place is a dump actually... to be perfectly honest.


moshmangus said...

A change of address is all ways a sad thing on one side and a new door open on your future, I am sure in some time you will think that your present location is more pleasant than the old one. Keep on going forward!

Michelle said...

o I like it better already :)

right now it's still a bit of a mess.. but it's a mess with a lot of room around it.. easier to deal with..