Friday, June 05, 2009

I tried to do stuff today..

Well, I did stuff today, and I'm still doing stuff but..

It's taking so bloody long! In all honesty I have about 1 hour's work to get done in total, but so far it's taken something like... real long. It just takes so bloody long to get anything done on this damn computer that.. fuck. I mean I'm not complaining, except for the complaining bit.. in a way it's a way to make me feel like I'm doing something, as it is taking up some time, and an excuse to not do other things, which isn't exactly a problem for me because 3 days ago, 2 days ago and yesterday I didn't have a problem not doing them and I didn't have this excuse, or any excuse really.

What's my point. There is none. The point is that I'm damn lazy, that's the truth of it, and I've spent a morning taking a long time getting very little done and I'm milking it for all it's worth. Obviously I lead a life of relative leisure that there's nothing too pressing to get me to go out and get this all done, that I have this to go on about at all, so there's that, and there's the fact that moving between 2 computers and pottering around a lot is what I'd be doing anyway, whether I have stuff to wait for the computer to do or not. The point is...

I did stuff today, and I'm still doing stuff! So there!

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