Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Must Have Penis

Manly chips
Originally uploaded by erikland.
Erik snapped this while he was in Singapore last month. Apparently these chips are so spicy only real manly grown up men-like men with hair in unmentionable places can handle it, the boys will quiver and weep if they attempt it and ladies... well, just daintily push them away and give the old diet excuse, you've got no business here..

incidentally my man friend, the aforementioned Erik said they're not very spicy at all so obviously he outmans the most manly men of them all..

*looks all smug and stuff*

*blushes a bit*


Barry Leiba said...

I dunno...
Are you saying you can't handle the "burst in your mouth with an explosion of fiery flavour"?

C'mon, I bet you're up to the task, really.

Michelle said...

Um, I'm not sure it's appropriate to say such things to a lady.

But you're asking me so.. *ponders*..

yeah, you have a point.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Chipster ... wasn't that the snack-food trading web site that got shut down by Frito-Lay and Nabisco and stuff?

Barry Leiba said...

It's funny how these things come (uh) in groups. Stupid Evil Bastard just blogged about this ad for Burger King, also, it seems, created for Singapore.

I might be going to Singapore in August (yes, August; ugh!) for a business meeting. If so, it may be an interesting trip.