Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's not my fault..

I know I haven't posted in the obscenely long time of 3 days.. and all I have to say is it's not my fault.

Well it's not my fault I didn't post yesterday, my internet was doing this weird thing where all indications pointed to it being on, and the connection strong except for that one small part where you can connect to webpages. This happened in the evening and remained so well into the wee small hours which I was awake to experience.. and of course after the time I decided to put up a post.

The reason I didn't post on the weekend is probably due to laziness. Well Sunday is, that and I forgot, possibly having nothing to write about. The main reason for non posting Saturday is embarrassing so I won't go into it, I'll just say this, check the date.

Anyway I'm posting now. Not much to say except for that it was a minor/major annoyance and/or worry about the internet yesterday, and the other reason I have to grumble is due a back pain which I can't explain and is also cause for worry. I had a stupid question that I thought of yesterday which was totally brilliant but I forgot it. It had something to do with vampires I think.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Okay, so, if they're "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" vampires then they can't come in the house unless you invite them. If they're "Lost Boys" vampires, they can come in the house whether you invite them or not, but if you invite them in then they are unkillable. And if they're "Twilight" vampires then they're not vampires at all, they're like groupies for "Panic at the Disco!" or something.

Michelle said...

True.. and in "Interview" apparently they don't need an invitation, not to mention the stuff about the wooden stake or the cross is bunk, but coffins are absolutely necessary.. and in Blade there are vampires than can go out during the day, and amongst all this, not a single mention of garlic! Well maybe there is, I'm only vaguely familiar with some of these tales...

in any case.. if we do come across vampires.. who are we to believe? I mean, it's best to be on the safe side and never invite them in, assuming you know they're vampires which if Buffy or some others are to be believed you won't know unless they care to reveal it, but should we waste valuable survival time on crosses and garlic? What about holy water?

It's all so confusing.