Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What exactly are these "parent" people for anyway?

I have some relatives in the country at the mo.. well, they're always here, this being the land of my blood and all that but I speak of the nuclear version.. ya know, the ones that spawn you, lovingly raise you and all that.. the parents. My parents are in the country. Not THAT YOU'D BLOODY KNOW FROM THEM LIKE.. BOTHERING TO TELL ME OR ANYTHING.. oh no..

well, my mother did bother, finally to email me to tell me she is in České Budějovice from whence they hail.. they've been there a few days after coming back from Croatia. Oh, they were there before but took off again to Croatia with my cousin's family. That is after gallivanting around London and Paris, going on some cruise and Amsterdam and where else who knows...

Now they're "busy" so haven't been able to email me since they got there and there's no point me and Erik going there because there's too many people and nowhere to stay. Nowhere for unimportant "daughter" freaks anyway, it seems.

I'm not bitter or anything.

They're coming to Prague sometime next week and might be able to meet with me if they're not too busy with socializing with all the people they're going to have to visit while here, so I should consider myself lucky. I mean some people.. oh whatever.. so long as they brought stuff, everything's cool.

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