Monday, June 22, 2009

Yay.. something to write about!

If it's not one bloody saga then well it's a complete fuckup of monstrous proportions, ok a problem that is nevertheless troublesome for me in my condition.

I need to work today. Work, I tell you! Do you people understand that? Actual work, real doing stuff. I have STUFF to do, lots of stuff! I don't think you understand the importance of this stuff..

well anyway, I got up (kinda late because after being almost about to get up a bit earlier I decided to lie in a bit longer and in doing that fell into a deep slumber and had a dream about being in some house by a river with all these people, all but one who were imaginary, the non imaginary one was someone I knew in school, and why she was in my dream I have no idea, anyway, stuff happened.. there really isn't a story to this) got on the computer, got the info I needed, a phone call organizing a meeting here in the afternoon which must occur after I've done one of the major things on my list, and wasted a bit of time. I shouldn't have, but it's what I do. Sue me.

So after a bit of time wasting and coffee I, in a responsible manner decided to get in the shower, get ready.. and wait for my hair to dry and stuff while I hang out a bit more, and go!

I got in the shower, turned the water on, happily lathered my hair up with shampoo which I hadn't used for days, leaving my hair feeling icky, soaped myself up and down.. I don't really need to go into this actually.

Shower, shower, soap all over. I waited until last to rinse out the shampoo, just something I do. I turned the water off for a second once, because I heard something and thought maybe.. I dunno. Anyway I turned it back on and it was cold.. no bother, I let it go for a bit but IT DIDN'T HEAT UP!!! I turned it off and tried it again.. no luck.

So I got out of the shower, went into the kitchen where the water heater is expecting to see the red light flashing, as it does when the water empties.. or something.. then I need to press it and in a few minutes it will work again. But no red light was flashing.. I went back into the shower and tried.


So, I fiddled around with the heater, including a few old fashioned thumps.. and I got the match thingy to light up once using the kitchen sink so I went into the shower and tried again. IT STILL DIDN'T WORK!

So I tried again a few times, kitchen sink and shower, didn't work, didn't work didn't work. I thumped it a few more times. Didn't work. I noticed the heater was hot which was odd because it wasn't on so I fiddled around with the settings and after that it worked. I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair.

So all is ok now but the point is, it took ages and my calculations for doing stuff today are way off. I have stuff to do dammit!

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