Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's just well.. silly.. silli.. sille..

Have you ever noticed, assuming you're someone who cares about these things, and can actually recognize it, that there are certain spelling mistakes that literally everyone makes? It's infuriating! It's as bad as people sticking apostrophes where they're not wanted or using literally incorrectly.

Yes, I did that on purpose, I know.. sad. Anyway, one of the aforementioned oft misspelled words that infuriates me is this one..


just so you know, that one is the misspelt version that so enrages me.. the correct spelling you all, I'm sure, know is "ridiculous". I'm writing about it because I've seen it like 3 times today spelt like that on completely different sites, most populated by people who should know better, I mean really, they should.

And speaking of misspells, why does the blogger spellcheck consider "spelt" a mistake? Is that not a proper word? And if so, how do you spell it? And have you noticed that blogger also doesn't consider "internet" a word? Isn't that a bit odd? Do I ask too many questions?


Barry Leiba said...

Blogger is American, and the American word for the past tense (and past participle) of "spell" is "spelled" — though some of us... um... older folks still use "spelt" (along with "leapt", "dreamt", "smelt", and "clept" (OK, not that last, except when we're being archaic on purpose)).

Interestingly, there are some "-t" past tenses that remain in use in the States, and that remain the only acceptable ones. "Wept" and "felt" come to mind; "weeped" and "feeled" are simply wrong.

It's also interesting that Blogger's dictionary doesn't like "spelt", even so, because it's a perfectly valid noun: it's a type of wheat.

Michelle said...

Yes, I noticed a lot of words use the American spellings, I never thought "spelt" was a particular British or old fashioned thing though.. shows how much I know. I still don't get what's wrong with "internet".. you think their dictionary would be updated enough to include it :).

David said...

Internet is a proper noun. It's not spelled correctly, if it isn't capitalized.