Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday SQNEA #8 - The er.. um edition.

Why can I never think of a stupid question at the right time? The right time being Tuesday of course, the Time That Stupid Questions Must Be Asked! No exceptions, all will go awry if it isn't done at the right time. Awry, I tell you!

I had plenty of questions, oodles of them, I had one about vampires that was really really good, and another one before about something else that was too but I've totally forgotten them! It's frustrating.. infuriating I tell you.. that's my new favouritest word, infuriating. Isn't it cool?

So anyway, don't really have a stupid questions except for the one at the top about not being able to think of questions or rather to remember them. It is pretty stupid and I'm pretty sure no one ever asks it, not specific to this context anyway, but it's not really a good stupid question.

What the fuck. That's not a question that's.. something else.

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