Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm alone again. Well, apart from my own brilliant mind, any friends acquaintances or otherwise I might happen to run into daily, my movies my shows, my internet stuff and my internet friends.. and of course, the darling kitty. But Eriks' not here. That's incorrect isn't it? I always remember being told that it's wrong to start a sentence with "but".. or was that because?

Anyway, Erik's gone again, this time to Canada for some family thingy whatsit.. they have those you know, families like his, well anyway it's not as long this time though longer than I thought it would be, at first he said it'd be a few days or at least that's what I thought he said and then he said he couldn't get tickets for the days he wanted so he's going longer and said it would be (or I remember understanding this when he told me anyway) 6 days, or a week, or just under a week.. but then the other night, the night before he left which was yesterday.. that's yesterday morning when he left.. he said he'd be back next Friday which is like 9 days!

Oh and I zoned out the info and thought it'd be next Wednesday so when he suggested having a few drinks after work Tuesday night I thought he wanted to just for something nice to do.. I kind of considered that it might mean that it's this week he's leaving, but I quickly brushed it aside, noting that he hadn't packed or anything...

But it was this Wednesday, yesterday.. and he had to leave very early in the morning so upon coming home from drinks.. a humble affair for obvs reasons he had to do all his packing. So I was alone all yesterday, and am today and will be until next Friday. Except for the kitty, and all the other things I mentioned.


Barry Leiba said...

That "But never start a sentence with a conjunction," thing is bollocks. If you think about it and say, "That's the way I want to say it!", then... it's correct. The "rule" is for the sloppy people, the ones who write[1] without thinking.

As to E, well, fret not. He'll be back and having beer with you (and whatever else you do, which we don't need to hear about...) before you know it.

Meanwhile, pet Cooley.

[1] And I use the term "write" very loosely here.

Michelle said...

Ok, thanks for clearing that up. And I'm ok here alone.. well.. you know. Actually it's really not very much like being alone with a cat but you've probably heard that too. But I just wanted to say it. Because I'm like that. :)