Friday, June 26, 2009

Poor Farrah..

Poor dear Farrah Fawcett, she was one of the original Charlie's Angels, a favourite pinup of the 1970s, starred in many a harrowing dramatic made for TV movie and bravely suffered cancer for years died yesterday. It was a shock to see it on imbd yesterday. I'd never really been a big fan, or knew too much about her but it's sad to hear that someone with such a well known name, who's too young to die, has died. People were talking, paying respects and set to pay tribute in a way such a great and well known actress deserves.. and then.

Michael Jackson goes and bloody dies!*

Way to be overshadowed. I mean.. of all people? I admit I was shocked. I guess if I'd ever thought about it I never really expected him to live out a long natural life, he's too strange, too tragic, but still. Michael Jackson, larger than life, no highly publicized illness, 50! Very weird.

And of course everybody forgets about little Farrah. Well, about pretty much everything. We can expect a week of Michael coverage, about his life, his death, his childhood genius, his strange ways as he got over, plastic surgery, pedophilia, impassioned arguments for and against, people who were ready to throw him to the wolves a few years ago passionately defending him, new information coming out about how he died, from child actors who were friends of his and some who were more than just friends, celebrities and there take, huge stadiums full of people crying, Iran. er.. who? his father, his sister, his other sister saying something nasty, young celebrities who will now claim to have been his biggest fan, his contemporaries talking about what it was like being the hugest stars of the 80s and so on...

So I don't really have to say much about him, because it's being said, and will continue to be said. But don't forget to think of Farrah. It would be nice. Maybe someone will even write a post about her of which the bulk isn't about the man who overshadowed her. Hmm.. that's a thought.

*anyone reading this from about the 8th of July on might not get the impact but at the moment the front page of CNN is all Michael tribute.

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