Saturday, June 27, 2009

About time to attempt it again..

The last time I tried to do something high falutin' and posh-ish was Valentine's day. Oh I remember it well, dreams of fine dining in what some would call an "ethnic" establishment turned into eating stinky gooey cheese down the pub. The event encapsulated me being in quite a succinct way. I was quite proud after the fact, actually. So it goes.

Tonight I'm going on a dinner cruise. "Oooh" I hear you say. Well it's a christmas present from Erik's 'rents and we've been meaning to do it since about.. well christmas last year, though we at first thought we'd wait for spring at least.. March came, we didn't think much of it, April we might have mentioned it once or twice and then it was May and he was in Singapore, but we said we'd do it in June. Part of June he was gone again but this morning we thought we'd try again to get through the bureaucracy which is the getting tickets and stuff for the thing and we set it up for tonight.

So we're doing it tonight. I think it'll be cool.

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