Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The fiddly details.

I really don't like starting new things. I mean, yeah, sometimes I do, and sometimes I want new things and can't wait for them to start but I also don't like it. Make of that what you will. One of the reasons is that I get nervous and feel like I'm going to screw up, and always envision a time in the future, when I'll be settled in, used to it all and won't have to worry about it anymore. I never seem to get to that stage, one reason being I don't stay with things so long, and the other being that I don't get to that stage.. maybe after years and years I might, but months and months doesn't do it. Maybe I'm just not made for those things.. and possibly this thing will be different. I am yet to see.

Another reason is.. that is, not liking to start new things, well the other reason is that you need to have details. You know, official stuff, the stuff that most regular grownups have all together and in some folder somewhere and accessible. I don't have those things, well I don't have all of them and I don't have them properly. It might not surprise anyone out there who ever manages to read any of these posts that I'm not the sort of person that has the proper papers that most grownups just have, but I don't. so then I have to get some, or have an alternative, and give reasons for not having them, and wondering how much I should tell anyone about my status or lack thereof of this thing that they need.

Anyway I'm dealing with that now or will be very soon. I'd give more details about all this but I don't want to.


Ronald said...

You're a tease! Now you have me speculating. You're getting married? Or maybe you're emigrating? Aaarrrggghhhh! Stop it, put me out of my misery!

Michelle said...

Just starting a job. Well probably, still have to give them some of the details.. all of which I don't have.

It's not an interesting one either, so.. don't get too excited.

Ronald said...

A proper Job? One that entails going in the morning and coming home in the evening, at least 5 days a week? Are you sure you want to do this? It might change you and take away your 'bohemian flavour'. Dare I say it, you might become... ordinary?