Thursday, January 03, 2013

Feelin really Jan.

Blurgh. It's Jan, it's drizzly and I'm feeling jan and drizzly myself. It just is.

I was going to mention something else, but I forgot what it was, it was so boring. Whatever it was is the most interesting thing that's happened today, judging by my original intention to mention it but.. can't think of it.. oh well, if it's important enough it'll come back. It isn't though.

Someone measured the windows today. don't know what it's for.. why would someone measure windows? What are they going to do? Am I gong to have to deal with more days of worker dudes coming by.. waiting all day for whenever they come, sitting here while they bang and clash with whatever they're doing with the windows, go out again because they need some part, come back, and then come back another day, whatever time they show up, to fix it? and then probably come back again at some unspecified I have to wait around all day time? That will suck. an it probably won't make any difference.

Happy Jan.

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