Friday, January 11, 2013


a change.

It snowed. Not a lot.. the light fluttery type that leaves a thin film on top of surfaces and is gone from all but grass, roofs and cars before too long, but it was something and it was pretty.

A bit of white instead of the usual grey. So that was nice for today.

I don't know why but I thought it might be worthwhile to mention that. There's some stuff going on but it's the kind of stuff I don't really feel the need to give details about just yet, so I won't give details about that just yet, if I get around to it.


Ronald said...

We've been threatened with the 'white stuff' too, maybe overnight. As usual, as is peculiar to Britain only (I'm led to believe), it's a HUGE deal. Actually, all weather is a big deal here... all the forecasters have to say is, "and tomorrow we're going to have... weather!" It makes the front page of the newspapers, warrants a 5 minute spot on the television news, stimulates panic-buying in the supermarkets, and is discussed in Parliament! It's de troof!

Ronald said...

I forgot to mention the Rail Networks. They don't work. Ever! And why? Because of the weather. Too hot, too cold, or just right... whatever... it stops them from running.

Michelle said...

Oh those sensitive rail networks..

good to have you back Don.

Ronald said...

It's good to be back. It wasn't personal, you know that. You de gal!

Michelle said...

Oh of course.. It's just good to see you around again.