Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 days to go

Jan is nearly over, and though it doesn't promise and end to bullshit bullshit that's bullshit, and in fact historically has rarely been any improvement and some years crappier than Jan, it promises a start to something I to be perfectly honest I'm not sure I want to do but I'm gonna say it's a good thing. One must have something to look forward to, one has always said. Well one is saying it now anyway.

This day was barely if at all an improvement on the pit of despair that was yesterday. Much the same in many ways.. and had to dewal with annoying bureacratic stuff.. a lot of waiting etc etc. A
 new thing well not a new thing but something that was annoying me but I had a slight hope I'd be able to do something to make it less bad came up, and I can't make it less bad, it's official. Still no power, but at least it was sorted and now it's just to wait for it all to be fixed, so at least that, at least a potentially better day to look forward to.

Apart from that... once this has sorted out, apart from not being exactly richer, and probably even poorer than I'd like to be.. well, than i expected I'd be, well in the proxy way, if that means anything, then it will be much as it would hagvfe been the rest of this month of Jan, whcih is, meh.. nothing to write home about.

Oh and it rained today.

But still.. 2 days.

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