Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weren't they the ones with the radishes?

It's time for one of the many filler posts I'm doing in this relatively light posting season. It's word o' the day.

gorgonize \GAWR-guh-nahyz\ , verb:
To affect as a Gorgon; hypnotize; petrify.
Shorten it, then, to what is functional, direct and bluntly, derogatorily descriptive. Of his awful power to horrify, to gorgonize, to chill.
-- Christopher Rush, Last Lesson of the AfternoonMortimo Planno could gorgonize foes with a stony stare, but his deep baritone voice was seductive and unexpectedly disarming.
-- Colin Grant, The Natural MysticsGorgonize is the verbification of an ancient Greek mythological figure. The Gorgons were three sister monsters commonly represented as having snakes for hair, wings, and brazen claws. Their eyes turned anyone looking into them to stone. Thus togorgonize someone is to turn them into stone.
I remember the gorgons from the Fraggles.. you know, they got their radishes from their garden only they were giant for the fraggles and they used them for anything.. or was it not them? Whatever.


Ronald said...

I thought to Gorgonize was to make cheese-like? The smelly sort? But maybe that's Gorgonzola-iize? Shrugs.

Michelle said...

It's possible. *adds it to list*